Welcome to the world little lady

Giving birth completely changed my life.  Of course it’s meant to, but when I was pregnant I had this romantic view of life with a baby being pretty much the same life I was living with my husband, working, gym, restaurants, socialising, lazy days at home but adding a cute baby in a crib in the corner of the room to kiss and hug. Boy did I get this wrong!  From day one Aria was a screamer. She suffered terribly from colic and choose to sooth herself by clamping on to my breast for dear life.

What’s happened to my life? I pondered this question endlessly as I sat in my pjs, bags under my eyes, hair a mess, baby on boob. We tried every remedy. From cranial  osteopathy to over the counter medicines, massage, slings and beyond. We were miserable, stressed and exhausted, existing but not living.

We longed for the day and thankfully after a few months it arrived; she just stopped screaming and started smiling. Slowly I started to put myself back together again, physically, mentally. I began to enjoy spending time with my baby.  Now of course at 9 months old she is a pleasure (95% of the time 😉 and I couldn’t imagine a life without her in it.  She is still a live wire and keeps me on my toes every second of every day but I’ve long gotten over mourning my loss of independence. Now I have a beautiful, crazy sidekick to spend my days with and they have never been better 🙂